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Happy St Patrick's Day (17th March)

I’m often asked about Irish names- not only what they mean, but also how to pronounce them! Those of you expecting baby girls, here are a selection of beautiful names which may inspire you!

Áine: Meaning “radiance”. Pronounced “awn-ya”.

Alana or Alanna: Meaning “child”.

Ardara: Meaning “fort on the hill”.

Cadhla: Meaning “beautiful”. Pronounced “kay-lah”.

Cait, Caitlin, or Caitlyn: Meaning “pure”.

Ceara or Ciara: Meaning “black”. Pronounced “keera”, “

Cianna: Meaning “ancient”. Pronounced “kee-anna”.

Enya or Enye: Meaning “seed”.

Erin: Meaning “peace”.

Fíadh: Meaning “deer”. Pronounced “fee-ah

Isleen: Meaning “dream” or “vision”. Pronounced “ee-sleen”.

Kaitlin or Kaitlyn: Meaning “pure”.

Keaira: Meaning “small” or “dark-haired”. Pronounced “kee-ah-rah”.

Laoise: Meaning “famous warrior”. Pronounced “lee-sha”.

Lynn: Meaning “pool of water”.

Maeve, Mebd, Meabh, Meadhbh or Mave: Meaning “she who rules”. Pronounced “mayv”.

Nuala: Meaning “fair shoulder”. Pronounced “noo-lah”.

Orla or Orlaith: Meaning “golden princess”.

Ownah: Meaning “unity”. Pronounced “oh-nah”.

Riona: Meaning “queen”. Pronounced “ree-oh-nah”.

Saoirse: Meaning “freedom”. Pronounced “sur-shuh”.

Saraid: Meaning “excellent”. Pronounced “shuh-ray”.

Seana: Meaning “gift from God”. Pronounced “shee-ah-nah”.

Shannan or Shannon: Meaning “old”.

Sheehan: Meaning “peaceful”. Pronounced “shee-un”.

Sinead: Meaning “God is gracious”. Pronounced “shih-nayd”.

Sorcha: Meaning “brightness”. Pronounced “sor-ka”.

Tara: Meaning “where the kings meet”.

Tierna: Meaning “lord”.

Tieve: Meaning “hillside”.

an Irish blessing -

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on dark nights, and the road downhill all the way to your door”.

Verity x

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